Tips for Planning Your Chicago Photography Session

Whether you have decided to book a photoshoot for your gorgeous newborn, to capture your maternity moments, to provide your walls with new family photos, to update your headshots, or to capture you wedding day, you have a very important photography session ahead of you.

After booking your photoshoot, it’s time to prepare for an amazing photography session.

If you have never had the opportunity to plan a photoshoot, then you may be wondering what it entails. There are a few key details that you must plan for your session, from your attire to your overall theme. Every element will come together to create your final image, so it’s important that you take the time to create the perfect photoshoot.


To learn how you can plan a photoshoot that will allow you to display truly stunning photos, be sure to continue reading for some wonderful inspiration:

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  • First thing, a concept. It’s important to know what you want to get out of your photoshoot. For example, if you are planning a family photoshoot, perhaps you want to celebrate everyone working together as a team to ensure the success of your family. Or, perhaps you are planning a photoshoot for yourself, and want to celebrate a new career path. These details will help you determine a concept for your photoshoot. You can look at other photos for inspiration, to discover props, backdrops, and poses for your photos. However, your photos should be unique to you, and should showcase an appeal that is one of a kind.

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  • Choose a theme. It would be best to choose a theme for your photoshoot to showcase a unique appeal. Whether you want to represent fun in the sun on a warm Summer day, or a playful Fall photo session as the leaves flood the ground around you, know that you have the opportunity to create one of a kind images with a theme that is personal to you and your family’s photoshoot.

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  • Discover inspiration. Viewing your potential photographer’s website is a wonderful way to gather inspiration for your own photoshoot. Take a look at their galleries and albums to discover the potential for your own images. From serious, more formal photos to playful and fun images, you can view such diversity throughout an array of photos, allowing you to choose the type of style that you would like to represent throughout your own photo session.

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  • How you will present yourself. Your photoshoot can be whatever you want it to be. If you want a humorous engagement session, you are allowed to present your photos as such. It’s important to determine the style in which you want to present yourself, so you and your photographer can bring your image to life. So, as you have your photos captured, create diversity. Some fun and playful images followed by more serious and powerful photos will certainly have your photo collection representing an abundance of flair and uniqueness.

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  • Choose your attire. It is important to choose clothing that is not only appealing to the eye, but comfortable. If you are wanting to present a softer appearance, consider clothing that showcases colors such as pastels, creams, light browns, and grays. For a more powerful appearance, consider bold colors, such as reds and blues. However, keep in mind that clothing that is too flashy or presents logos should be avoided. In addition, you can adorn yourself with lovely accessories, such as subtle jewelry or scarves. Also, consider bringing more than one outfit along, as you can create some formal photos and more playful ones too, creating a beautifully diverse collection of photos.

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  • Don’t forget the props! To add some flair and uniqueness to your photos, consider utilizing props. Props are a great way to showcase the hobbies and interests that you and your family share with one another. If you have a love of football, consider having your photos captured out on the field as you toss the ball to one another. Or, if your family is growing and you are having maternity photos taken, baby booties would be an adorable addition. The opportunities are truly endless!

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  • The perfect location. Now that you have determined the style of your photos, and how you want them to be presented, it’s time to determine whether an outdoor or indoor setting would be best suited for your photos. If you need the extra lighting and neutral backdrops, perhaps a studio is better suited for your session. However, if you are hoping to bring a sense of the beautiful atmosphere to your photos that can only be captured outdoors, or at a specific venue, it’s time to find the perfect location. But, know that you aren’t limited to one or the other, as you can have your photos captured anywhere! If you are at a loss for a location, ask your photographer, as they are knowledgeable of many wonderful settings.

You will be presenting these photos for the many years to come, so it’s vital that you take the time to plan the most important details. These tips will help you organize a truly incredible photography session.

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