Tips to Assist You with Photographing Children at Your Photoshoot

When it comes to children, it is well-known that they can be quite a handful when you least want them to be, especially when you need them to cooperate the most.


They are filled with energy and a wonderful sense of curiosity and adventure. This is certainly admirable! However, during your family photoshoot, it can tread on your last nerve faster than you had hoped.

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Your family photos are a very important to preserving your legacy and showcasing the growth that your little ones make throughout the years. And of course, who wouldn’t love seeing that happy face captured through stunning photography?

Photographing your little one should be a bonding experience for both of you. That’s why we have put together a few helpful tips to assist you with photographing your own children. Feel free to continue reading to learn how your child’s photoshoot can be successful:


  • Help Them Keep Their Hands Full. If your little one is busy fiddling with something or holding on to something, they are less likely to get up and run around. You can bring your toddler’s favorite toys so that their hands are full. In fact, these toys can even be a wonderful addition to your photos. Imagine having photos of the blanket or toy that your little one is so enamored with. When they are older, you will be able to show them how often they carried it around.


  • A Fun Distraction. Distractions are helpful for people of all ages! Your child is no exception. Having a stranger photographing you as a child will be a whole new experience. However, you can take away any shyness they may be experiencing with a fun distraction. Instead of them focusing on the unfamiliar person behind the camera, or the new setting that they haven’t explored yet, consider providing them with their favorite toy, playing their favorite game such as peek-a-boo, or even make funny faces for them. Distraction will be a wonderful tool that you can certainly utilize.


  • A Place of Their Own. Kids respond well to things that are theirs. For example, if you designate a spot at the table for your child, they will likely spend as much time there during meals and when doing other activities, such as drawing or homework. You can use this idea during your photoshoot to tailor the experience to your little one. Designate a spot for your child that is their own. They can enjoy their spot while they play with toys, props, and pose for the camera.

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The photos you receive of your children will be something that you will treasure forever. These tips can assist you with photographing yours with ease, for a fun and successful photoshoot experience.

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