Advice for Incorporating Pets into Your Photoshoot

11Your photoshoot should incorporate all of your loved ones!


You love their adorable quirks, undeniable loyalty, and the way they show you unconditional love. Your first thought may have been your spouse, but we are actually talking about your adorable pet!

Tips for Being Comfortable for Your Photo Session

Your beloved pet is more than just a pet, they are family! They have accompanied you through good and bad times, served as a loyal friend, and will continue to do so for the rest of their life. Your photoshoot will be a chance to showcase who you are, and would it really be the same without your furry friend?

With your photo session approaching, you will surely be thinking of the ways in which you can incorporate your pet. That’s why we have put together a little advice for incorporating pets into your own photoshoot. To discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:photoshoot

  • Capture Their Attention to Capture Their Photo. Surely, you have tried to capture adorable photos of your pet. However, they are quite active creatures. One of the best ways to get them to sit still long enough to capture a picture is to capture their attention. So, when readying your attire for the photo session, be sure to include your pet’s favorite toys and treats too!


  • Distractions Are Detrimental. No matter the setting, your pet will face an array of new elements. They will definitely want to explore the new details and smells. It’s best to limit any distractions for your photoshoot, so as to keep them focused on you and your photographer. Choose a setting with little foot traffic and minimal distractions.


  • Enlist A Little Help. You and your pet will be the star of your photos. However, it can be difficult to pose and keep your pet interested in the photo session. You can enlist your most trusted friend or family member to assist you. Be sure to choose someone your pet is familiar with so that they are more cooperative. This way, your helper can assist with keeping your pet focused on the camera and not distractions.


  • Keep Calm and Be Patient. Your pet will do their best to be cooperative during your photoshoot. They love you and want you to be happy. Be sure to stay calm and be patient. This will help keep their spirits up and positive during your session. It can also benefit you as well. If you are calm and happy, you won’t showcase stress within your photos, and your furry friend will be more excited for photos too. Just remember, your pet can pick up your emotions much better than you may think.

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Your life is full of love and enjoyment, and your pet plays a large role in that. That’s why you should incorporate them into your photos, and these tips can help you do so successfully.

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