Tips for Capturing the Absolute Best Senior Portraits

Senior portraits will be how you will document such a wonderful milestone in your life!

senior portraits

Your senior year will be quite an adventure. All of your previous school years have led to this final year. Every experience you have had, and lessons that you have learned, have worked to sculpt you into the wonderful individual that you are today. You are planning your future and working towards making your mark on the world.

Anna’s High School Senior Portraits

You can honor your senior year with a photoshoot. This serves as a way to showcase the growth and success that you have experienced thus far. School has certainly been a unique experience for you, and it’s time to celebrate your achievements. Graduation is your last step before taking on your life as an adult, and photography can help you showcase what life is like for you in this crucial moment.

Being a senior and achieving everything you have completed is wonderful! That’s why we have put together a few tips for capturing truly creative senior portraits. To learn how you can make the most of your senior photoshoot, be sure to continue reading:senior portraits

  • Represent Yourself. First off, know that you will want to represent yourself throughout your senior portraits. Sports, hobbies, interests; these are all elements that will create your portraits to be unique to you as an individual. Here is some great inspiration:
    • For the Athletes. Participating in sports is a huge part of schooling for many young adults. It is even a source of pride in yourself and for your school. This extracurricular activity was also a way to bond with your classmates and teammates. You can showcase your talent within your senior photos by incorporating your varsity letters, your sports jersey or jacket, and even the sports equipment you regularly use, such as your basketball, baseball and mitt, soccer cleats and ball, or even your football helmet.
    • For the Bookworms. Reading is a great way to live your life to the fullest. As they say, those who read don’t just experience one life, as reading gives them the opportunity to live many different lives. If you are among those who enjoy reading, you can express this through your senior photos. Grab your favorite books and highlight them in your photos. Novels will certainly pose as wonderful props.
    • Incorporating Your Graduating Year. Being the class of 2018 is exciting! You have worked hard for years to graduate, and this is your year. You can honor your graduating year by incorporating it into your photos. From writing it on your shoes, to creating a chalk mural, there are many unique and creative ways to show off your graduating year.

senior portraits

  • Choose Locations. Throughout school, you have most likely visited many locations. From high school football games on the field to fun adventures with your friends at parks or rivers. Venture off to these locations, as they will pose as the perfect settings for your senior portraits. After all, your photos should highlight the areas where you enjoyed yourself throughout your senior year.

senior portraits

  • Be Comfortable. If you have never had your portraits captured before, you may feel a little uneasy in front of the camera. However, you should feel anything but nervous! It is important to remember that you have made such great accomplishments, as you are now graduating. Showcase your confidence in from the camera.
    • In addition, know that you photographer would never capture photos that aren’t spectacular! They will perfectly pose you, and guide you through your entire photoshoot, creating images that you will truly be proud of. Your photographer will never expect you to know what to do when it comes to having your portraits captured, as they will be by your side every step of the way.

Professional High School Senior Photo Session

Being a senior is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated! Photography is the perfect way to commemorate such an occasion and preserve the memories of your achievements. These tips can help you to ensure that your senior portraits are everything you hoped they would be.

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