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Algonquin Family Photos

Hi, everyone!


We just adore this family that we’re blogging about today. We’re lucky enough to say We’ve been photographing the Petrescu family for 3 years now! We truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them.

Aidan and Sofialittle kidskids photokids palyingAidan and Sophia playingAidan playing with lipstic.Aidan and his home,Petrescu Family in Algonquin.Mother from Romania.Three generations.Grandmother and kids.

Sophia and Aidan are really cute and they had fun playing with mom’s lipstick. And, it goes without saying, Claudia and Vincent have become our friends over the time we’ve worked together.

Granmother and grandkids.Romanian grandmother in Algonquin.Sophia and grandmother.Shadow the family's cat.Carol and his kids.Father and kids.Cat joining the family.





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