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Spring Maternity Shoot with Bridget and Alejandro in Algonquin

As a maternity photographer, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as capturing the beautiful journey of expectant parents. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Bridget and Alejandro, a wonderful couple whose love story I’ve had the honor to document from their civil union at Chicago City Hall . This time, they called me to capture the joy and anticipation of their growing family with a maternity photo shoot in the scenic Algonquin area.

A black and white image of Bridget and Alejandro standing under a solitary tree. Bridget, wearing a long dark dress, holds her pregnant belly with a serene smile, while Alejandro stands close beside her, looking at her lovingly. The barren tree branches frame the couple, creating a striking contrast against the open sky. The simplicity and elegance of the scene emphasize the couple's intimate connection and the anticipation of their new journey into parenthood.

Our relationship began last year before Christmas when we first met to discuss photographing their civil union. Fast forward to January, I had the privilege of capturing their special day in the heart of Chicago. Now, with spring in full bloom, it was the perfect time to celebrate another milestone in their lives.

Bridget and Alejandro are seated together, holding a small T-shirt between them. The T-shirt has the phrase "Fun un GOL de Papi" written in green. Both are smiling warmly, gazing at the shirt with a sense of joy and anticipation. Bridget's long dark green dress and Alejandro's matching outfit create a cohesive look. The image captures a tender moment, symbolizing their excitement and dreams for their upcoming baby.

One of the highlights of the shoot was incorporating some meaningful props that Bridget and Alejandro brought along. They had ultrasound photos of their baby, a pair of tiny Nike shoes, a T-shirt with “Fun un GOL de Papi” written in green, and a soccer ball. These items added a personal touch to the photos, symbolizing their excitement and dreams for their little one.

Bridget is sitting on a low stone wall, gently cradling her pregnant belly with both hands. She is wearing a long dark green dress and gazes down at her belly with a peaceful and loving expression. The background features lush greenery, highlighting the serene and natural setting of the maternity photo shoot. The image beautifully captures Bridget's anticipation and the tender connection she shares with her unborn baby.

The maternity shoot took place on a serene spring afternoon. Bridget looked absolutely stunning in a dark green long dress that perfectly complemented the lush surroundings. Alejandro matched her elegance in a dark green shirt and black pants, creating a cohesive and stylish look. The natural chemistry between them was evident as they moved effortlessly in front of the camera.

Bridget and Alejandro are sitting closely together on a wooden bench, sharing a tender moment as they look at ultrasound pictures of their baby. Bridget, dressed in a long dark green dress, holds the photos while Alejandro, in a dark green shirt and black pants, leans in to see them. Both have joyful expressions, and the serene park setting with trees and greenery in the background adds to the peaceful and intimate atmosphere of the image.

Bridget and Alejandro were so natural and easy to work with. Their genuine love and excitement for this new chapter in their lives shone through every image. It was a joy to witness and document their journey from a couple to soon-to-be parents.

Bridget and Alejandro are walking side by side, engaged in a lively conversation. Bridget is wearing a long dark green dress, and Alejandro is dressed in a dark green shirt and black pants. Alejandro is holding a mini soccer ball in one hand. Both are smiling and their body language reflects a warm and playful connection. The background shows a scenic outdoor path with lush greenery, capturing the joy and anticipation of their journey into parenthood.

As the sun began to set, we were blessed with the most beautiful golden light. I posed Bridget in the warm glow, capturing her radiant beauty and the tender moments she shared with Alejandro. The sunset provided a magical backdrop, making the photos even more enchanting.

Bridget is lying on her back in the grass, surrounded by the warm rays of the setting sun. She is wearing a long dark green dress and has one hand resting on her pregnant belly. The soft sunlight creates a halo effect around her, highlighting her peaceful expression and the serene moment. The lush grass and the golden light add a magical touch to the image, capturing the beauty and tranquility of this special time in her pregnancy.
Bridget stands in a nature-filled background during sunset in the Algonquin area, admiring her pregnant belly with a gentle smile. She is wearing a long dark green dress, and the golden sunset light casts a warm glow around her. The natural scenery, with trees and soft grass, enhances the serene and intimate moment as she embraces the beauty of her pregnancy.
Maternity photo session in Algonquin IL

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Bridget and Alejandro’s story. As a maternity photographer, moments like these remind me why I love what I do. Capturing the essence of love, anticipation, and joy in these fleeting moments is a privilege I cherish.

If you’re looking for a maternity photographer to capture your special moments, I’d love to help you tell your story. Contact me to schedule your own maternity photo shoot and create timeless memories you’ll treasure forever.

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