twins photo session in Schaumburg 

Schaumburg Family Photos with Twins

Hello again! Today I have the pleasure to present photos from the last session with the amazingly fun twins: Zaida and Gianna!

This fall session with the Mullappallil family it was so much fun! I was lucky to photograph their baptism and then almost every year for family photo session. It is am amazing to see them growing!

This spectacular session with the Mullappallil family
Giana and Zadie - the funniest twin girls
Giana and Zadie playing in the palm of a giant statue.
Family Photo in AI LArson park in Schaumburg
fun photos with the twins
Zadie and Giana playing by the outdoor clock
Zadie and Giana waving to the ducks on the lake.
the girls dancing in sunset
Family photo on the bridge in Schaumburg.

It was a great pleasure capturing these photos and I can’t wait to meet this wonderful family again!!

Here is another photo session in Schaumburg.

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