kissing baby Sadie

Two Year Birthday Photo Session Sadie Lyn

Welcome back!

Let me begin by saying that I am always happy when Laura and Derek are ready for a new photo session. We can’t forget that we were part of their beautiful wedding at Concorde Center in Woodstock.

I had the greatest time doing the session I’m about to post. This was to celebrate Two Years Birthday for Sadie Lynn! 

mom-daughter2-year-old-playingthe tree and kido Saddie LynnWe met up at Towne Park in Algonquin, which I love it because it has a lot of great spots for photo opps. Without further adieu, meet the Sturgulewski little star!

Water and kids.Beautiful family.playing the babyfather daughterfamily on the bridge family in swing lifestyle shootplaying as a family playground photos Derek + Laura + Sadieshy baby Sadiekissing baby SadieSadie in Swing.


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