Abby – quinceañera photos chicago

Today, I present beautiful Abby! We had the pleasure of capturing few portraits with her around Lincoln Park and North Avenue Beach. The beautiful Chicago skyline was a great addition to her photos. We were lucky to shoot on a beautiful fall day.

Abby-quinceanera in Chicago area.
Lincoln Park photos with quinceanera.
Quinceanera Photography in Chicago
Abby has a beautiful pink dress.
Abby playing keyboard as her hobby.
fall quinceanera in Lincoln Park
quinceañera in Chicago
quinceañera Abby with Chicago skyline in background
Lincoln Park best place for quinceañera photos.
Abby found a cute dog in Lincoln Park.
North avenue Beach photos with quinceañera Abby.
Photos with Drake Hotel in background.
Walking down the North Avenue Beach with Abby.

It was so much fun capturing quinceañera portraits with Abby around the city of Chicago. She had a beautiful pink dress and looked like a princess!

Here is another quinceañera photography session in Chicago with Aniah.

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