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Alexandra Newborn Photos Crystal Lake

Newborn Photos in Crystal Lake

Doo doo doo doooo! Introducing… BABY ALEXANDRA!Alexandra - newborn

I’m still flying high from one of the most wonderful shoots I’ve had in a while. The adorable little lady in front of the lens is the daughter of Alina and Radu.Alina and Radu's baby

Speaking of which, Alina and Radu were so much fun to get to know. I could have talked with them all day! I can tell they are going to be the best parents in the whole world! Even the grandparents took the opportunity to have some memories with Alexandra.Dalida BarboseluAurel Barboselu

As for baby Alexandra, she was a little angel and slept peacefully through the majority of our one-hour session. I’m not gonna lie. When she showed up bright eyed and squirmy, I thought the session might have turned out a little tricky, but Alina and grandmother Mia was able to rock her to sleep and that knocked Alexandra out for the whole time.

newborn AlexandraMom kissing the babybeautiful red dress for baby AlexandraBlack and Red photos

Okay, no more talking (or would that be typing?). Check out little Alexandra for yourself!

family photo Baby Alexandra photo.Parents dresses in feetbaby headblack and white photonatural light newborn black and white photos You may be seeing more of little Alexandra in the very near future! I’m lucky enough to photograph her every few months with my milestone package.

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