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2 months old baby photos Alexandra

Baby Photos

Photo lovers, today I have a distinct pleasure of being back in Crystal Lake IL photographing baby Alexandra, who’s almost 60 days new!


I think we can all agree: Her characteristic – hair, cheeks, the smile  should earn her a spot on the cover of every baby magazine in the nation! Seriously, I’m practically melting from cuteness overload!

baby photo for magazine coverAnyway, as you can see from the pictures below, Alexandra and I had one of the best sessions together.

beautiful mom photogenic baby fun baby shotbaby AlexandraSleeping beautybaby sleepingbaby's eye lashes

Alexandra slept half of the way through the 30 min session. And when she wasn’t sleeping, Alexandra was relaxed and smiley. She couldn’t have been any better. Even the other baby in the house came to be part of the photo session!

the dog named Nero

I can’t wait to see how baby Alexandra grows and changes in the upcoming months! I get to shoot her adorable face every few months with my milestone package! What a joy!

Mom and baby mom and baby portraitmom kissing the baby

Till next time!

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  1. Andrea Sollenberger

    Beautiful photographs for this lucky family. Such a gorgeous Gerber baby!

  2. That baby loves the camera! She’s looking right at it in so many of the photos!

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