Family Photos Streamwood IL Area

Flavia and Florin -Spring Family Photos

 Streamwood  IL Area

Spring Family Photos Streamwood IL area

We met again Flavia and Florin for a photo session for their second baby – Maya.
Just like her older sister Ema we shot first the baptism at the Orthodox Romanian Church in Aurora and waited
for spring to come and do a photo session outdoor and to add grandparents as well.

Flavia decided to go to near by park named – Mallard Lake

The lake and area was beautiful but it seem that the spring wasn’t there quite yet.
The wind was a challenge to work with but the extended family made fun of it and we move from place to place and
beautiful photographs came into the camera.

Isabela is Maya and Emma’s cousin and she was there as well to complete the whole family.


25 thoughts on “Family Photos Streamwood IL Area”

  1. I love these family photos, and am especially impressed with the extended family shots! Great job.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! The extended family was a good addition asa well as a surprise 🙂

  2. What a beautiful Streamood, IL family photo session, the location is beautiful and this family will treasure these memories forever.

  3. This family rocked their session! Love the choice of locations, and love that you really capture this family for who they are. It looks like they had loads of fun!

    1. Thank you Courtney! They were lot of fun! The location was chosen by the mother and she did a very good job on spotting Mallard Lake!

  4. Beautiful session! The family will treasure these images forever, you have captured their love and connection beautifully.

    1. Thank you Katey! It’s a very nice family and they really appreciate the importance of memories!

  5. This family photo session is marvelous! I love everything, from the balloons and lacy frocks, to the sunlight and gorgeous Spring weather you all obvious enjoyed. What a truly gorgeous family! <3

  6. sarah sweetman

    What a beautiful family portrait session – I love the location in Streamwood – it was the perfect setting for showing off their love. You did an amazing job for them both as individual families and all together – I am not sure how they will ever choose. Well done!

  7. What a beautiful family! I love that the grandparents hopped into the portraits…it is so important and special to include them! The balloons are the perfect pop of color and whimsy for a spring photo session!

    1. Thank you Christine! Grandparents were a big hit on this photo session! They filled the story!

  8. Extended family photo sessions are so great. Sometimes it can be rare to be able to get so many family members together, so I think this is a fantastic memory!

  9. Flavia Iuhas

    Thank you Doru for the amazing pictures. We had such a great time, even though the weather wasn’t quite as warm as we would have thought! We always love the pictures you take of us and look forward to all of the photo sessions to come. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Family is the number one priority in our family and being able to capture everyone together was truly appreciated.

  10. Great Spring family photos! I love that the whole family got involved as well!

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