Family Photos

Eveline  and Julien – Family Photos

We were so happy to meet again Julien but thins time with  his  little sister Eveline.

Our last photo session with Julien was in Florida when we did a maternity photo session on the beach. This time we met him at his home in Michigan.

Enjoy the story!

Portrait of baby Julien
Julien trying to remember the photographer 🙂
newborn portrait outdoor
Eveline getting ready to meet Julien.
new baby at the door
Babies meeting at front door
newborn photo with her brother
Julien decided to give an welcome kiss to his little sister.

Adrian posing with his little baby girl

baby photo session
Short baby photo session inside the house.
a very happy bother makes a very happy family
This is how a happy family looks like!
baby Eveline posing
Portrait of baby Eveline

black and white portrait of baby girl EvelineNewborn Photo Session another black and white portraitfamily portrait with Adrian and Rodica


11 thoughts on “Family Photos”

  1. How sweet is this new born + family session! That basket idea + brother kissing on little sister was a brilliant idea! These moments are so precious and I have no doubt that this family has loved every single photos you took of them! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I must admit that the basket idea was Rodica’s and I quickly embraced.

  2. Samantha Eckhaus

    Aww what a fun photojournalistic session of capturing baby sister Eveline’s big brother Julien welcoming her home during their first portrait session together. I love how you have followed the family’s story from Florida to Michigan and captured the excitement in the siblings 🙂

  3. Jenny Storment

    What cute family photos. I love her big brother’s expression when he opened the door.

  4. The expression from the big brother is to precious for words! What a fun family photo session!

  5. What a cute way for an older sibling to greet a newborn sibling! These lifestyle newborn photos will be treasured by this family! So far you have worked with them in Florida and now Michigan. I wonder where their next photo session will be?

  6. What an adorable little family session! Such a cute idea with big brother meeting little sister. <3

  7. These newborn photos are adorable! I love how you got the interaction between the two siblings in the doorway, that’s just perfect when the big brother kisses his new sister. Great idea linking to the Florida maternity photos and using the family’s Michigan home into this family portraits session. You are a jet setting destination maternity and newborn photographer for sure!

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