Romanian Brand Maressia

Have You Heard of the Romanian Clothing Brand, Maressia?

We are so excited to share the wonderful company, Maressia, with you!

One of our best friends from Romania, Alina Marica, is the owner of Maressia, which is an embroidered fashion brand in Romania. We love to share this beautiful brand with others, because it is such a rare find! Not very often do you come across Romanian folk art embroidered on modern and chic cloth…her items are truly stunning!

Maressia dress

What’s even more intriguing is that Alina chose to name her company Maressia because it means “big river”, which she believes fits perfectly with the concept of the brand: to bring the symbols of the traditional Romanian and to revive them on modern clothes in tendencies, just as the river represents past and present simultaneously.

Her brand is so unique, that even various public figures have been excited to wear her creations! From singers, such as Delia, Alina Irimia, Mira, TV presenters, such as Anca Lungu, Oana Tache, Gianina Corondan, the writer and director Chris Simion, and actresses Laura Cosoi, Olimpia Melinte, Crina Semciuc, and Flavia Hojda, have all been seen flaunting the Maressia brand.

Dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, vests, straps, accessories; you can discover an array of one of a kind clothing items throughout the Maressia brand, for both men and women. Each Maressia piece is designed to give the wearer the experience of authentic and natural, all the time!

Maressia in Chicago

However, what we love most about Maressia, is that it provides us with the opportunity to remain close to Romanian tradition and folk art, making their items a great choice for the Chicago Romanian community!

Included are some photos with Claudia wearing Maressia dress. Many thanks to Marius Radoi for the help!

painting in PilsenChicago Paintings and maressiaphotographing in ChicagoChicago skyline

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