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Maternity Photographer | Professional Maternity Portraits  Chicago, IL

Paula and Alex were the centre of my lens 3 years back when I photographed their wedding event at Empress Banquets. I can easily say that Paula and Alex are one of those clients who stay there for life. Every small or big detail and event in their life and you get a chance to be a part of it.

When Paula was pregnant with Ariana (their first kid), I took maternity photos at that time as well. Not only that, new born pictures of Ariana and photos while she got baptized along with her stills every year at the age of 1 and 2 were all taken by us at H Photography.

This constant scope of work has made me understand the couple well and also to create a good rapport with them. It wasn’t just a photography period but also an opportunity to interact with them.

However, this time, it was all about the new baby expected in a couple of months. The moment we all had eagerly waited for as it was a bunch of joy added to the family and the photography crew. This moment called for another captivating photo session. Personally, I was very excited to have Paula and Alex’s professional maternity portraits in Chicago. This was one of the benefits I gained from doing the mini session as I got the client’s trust and understood their expectations very well.

We decided to have a natural setting for these Maternity Photographs. Hence, all the pictures were taken in a lush green park with lake view in the background and outstanding sunlight which resulted in sparkling eye-catching and memorable photos.

Paula will be giving birth in July, and I am already prepared to capture the new baby boy events as this is passion driven.

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