Teagan – High School Senior Photography

Teagan – High School Senior Photography

Gorgeous Teagan and her breathtaking smile became the centre of attraction for my camera today. Teagan studies at Jacobs High School – Algonquin IL, a school well known for producing quality athletes and competitive teams for professional sports.

Two years ago, I had the pleasure to do a photography session with Justin; who is Teagan’s elder brother. Just like Teagan now, Justin was a student of Jacobs High School at that time. Later, pictures from his shoot were used to make announcement cards.

Now after two years, since I was targeting senior photography, I chose the same breathtaking location; Algonquin Riverside as a background with Teagan. This place has something special to it as it compliments a lot to these young and lively faces.

We had imagined a bright sunny spring afternoon for our H photography session with Teagan. Unexpectedly, it turned out be a cloudy day with overcast conditions. But H photography helped them experience something different. I used certain lightening techniques to bring in the sunny effect in certain pictures.

Even Teagan was surprised to see sudden sunshine behind her back as she posed in her elegant pink dress with a sleeveless denim jacket on top. Her beautiful brown hair looked like as if sunshine was reflecting upon them.

Teagan wore three gorgeous outfits as she posed standing in front of the river around lush green trees. My personal favorite on her was all blue. She looked absolutely stunning, like a fairy in blue and I was so sure that those pictures would serve the purpose.

Teagan had told me that she was a part of Jacob’s varsity dance team, so we decided to add some elegance and a bit of a fun element to our session.

She showcased her stunning moves with extraordinary reflexes as she jumped high in ballet style with amazing views behind her.

Photography: Doru Halip

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  1. Thank you Doru, for working with the weather (and the wind) and still capturing amazing shots of Teagan. You are a true professional and so great to work with.

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