Maternity photography for Dorothy and Abe


Dorothy and Abe are some of our clients that we always have a great time working with. We recently took a maternity photo session with them as they are expecting a baby. While welcoming their new bundle of joy into the world, this couple had an amazing time visually documenting the entire process. The couple made it clear to us that they thought about the maternity photography immediately after they found out they were having a baby. This session was one that witnessed smiles throughout. As the photo session went on, Abe delicately played with Dorothy and he made her laugh by being completely whimsical. You could still see the love in their eyes displayed in their engagement and wedding photos which we took for them a while back.

We met them over in the Algonquin area where we had the maternity photo session. Their maternity pictures came out splendid, and the couple certainly had a good time while doing it. Dorothy expressed that they had so much fun when they had their wedding album done that they couldn’t help but use H Photography one more time. This time, they needed to capture the most important moment in their life with astounding photography.

The Algonquin area couldn’t have had a more loving couple to welcome into its environment. For us, photography sessions are more than just capturing images. A maternity photographer needs to be able to capture the entire mood that is displayed in the environment. It is more than just taking photos and seeing the flash of the camera. Maternity photos are meant  to display the love a couple shares while welcoming a new life into the world. For Dorothy and Abe, this was an epic moment.


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