amazing dog takes part on photoshoot

Newborn photos Schaumburg IL

 Erin, Dan, Guy and Kaylee – Newborn Photo Session

Here we are back with a wonderful family. We photographed Erin, Dan and the Guy (the family dog) at the

maternity photo session in Schaumburg.

Kaylee came happily to this world and Erin wanted to do a newborn photo session that will include the whole family again!  We could see how protective Guy ( the family dog) was with Kaylee. It was amazing to work with them.

The sleep of an angel!!
Erin was kissing baby’s feet.
a glimpse of a happy family
Happy family watching over the baby.
the art of being Schaumburg baby photographer
Kaylee wasn’t happy of being left on the bed.
my favorite part of baby photography
Parents are reading a story to Kaylee. She will soon fall asleep.
one of my favorite baby picture
Love is in the air!!
using video games to create a fun baby photo
Erin and Dan use to play video games so I though Kaylee will be amused years later about this photo.
Love to get details when the baby is so little.
always looking for great baby photo session ideas
Dan holding tight his baby girl.
Including the Bernau family sign in photo shoot
I was in love with the letter B framed since the first moment I saw it.
Emotions captured at the best baby photo session in Schaumburg
Emotions and hapiness can be read on parents eyes.
I got the best baby photo
This is one of my favorite image from the baby photo session.
using blackhawks-jersy-for-the-photos
Is there anyone not in love with Blackhawks in Chicago area?
The Guy is watching the Kaylee’s shoes.
amazing dog takes part on photoshoot
Guy took pride of being photographed in the studio watching over Kaylee’s.

family photo

The Bernau family photo shoot!

father-love Happy-family-photomother-daughter-black-and-white-photonewborn photo sessionnewborn-photos-schaumburg

It took a second to observe the mom reflected in the mirror.
I love to see that previous photos we took are on display.


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for these amazing photos of our baby girl! We really appreciate all of the beautiful photos you have taken for our family beginning to change and grow. I love finding the surprise of the mirror photo I did not know you were taking! You are both gifted with a great talent.

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