Sadie splashing water

Sadie’s Third Birthday Photo Session

Lifestyle Photography Session

Today is about Sadie! She is 3!! I am very excited every time I get to do a photo session with Sadie!!

She is so much fun! I photographed Laura and Derek’s wedding and since then we have become good friends!

So, here I am capturing Sadie in her backyard! It’s more like a lifestyle photo session where  you just stop time for a second and capture her normal every day life.  She even has a playhouse where she makes” fast food” or sometimes ” teaches” :).Lifestyle photo session in Lake in the HIlls

Sadie 3rd birthday

play house


Sadie loves purple flowers

making tea for the toy

Sadie in her mom wedding gown two Ram trucks

funny face in the wedding gown box

Sadie driving her Ram truck

Sadie running in front yardPorch family photo

Happy Family in Lake in the HIllsSadie portrait

Sadie posing Sadie making fun face

family hug

Sadie in the pool Sadie splashing water

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