Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity Photo Shoot at West Dundee Farm

Marfil – Maternity Photoshoot at farm in West Dundee

Hello readers!

The photos I’m sharing with you today turned out so beautifully. As I was editing all the preview pictures for this blog post, I kept getting more and more excited with how they all turned out.

Before post the pictures, though, I want to first tell you about Ollie and Marfil. We met up at the farm in West Dundee when the photos were taken and Marfil was just glowing. I knew we were in for some awesome photos.

Marfil brought several outfits and she looked stunning in each of them.

Marfil had a beautifulSpanish Flamenco Dance Shawl.
Including the animals from the farm in the photo shoot.

I think we definitely pulled off a wonderful vibe!

Overall, we had a really wonderful time together and I know that Ollie and Marfil are going to make the best parents to their little angel.

Maternity photo shoot at the West Dundee at the end of fall.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if it’s a boy or girl, you’ll have to wait!

Until then, check out these gorgeous photos!

parents playing with the baby's clothes,
Maternity Photos
Maternity photo in fall

Here is another beautiful Farm Maternity Photo Shoot.

9 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Shoot at West Dundee Farm”

  1. Marfil Keller

    Dory, thank you so much for your effort and professionaism!!! These look beautiful and fun!

    1. Thank you for trusting me to do this maternity photo shoot at your place!! I really enjoy working with you!!

  2. Beautiful and amazing pictures!! What a wonderful idea. The family will love looking at these in the future.

      1. Juanita Rodriguez

        Wow! These pictures are spectacular and so special – truly indescribable. I am sure that I am not speaking only for myself to say that I share in the joy and gratitude that our friends Marfil and Ollie were able to have this significant time of their lives so beautifully captured. Your work shows that you cared. Thank you

        1. Juanita! Thank you so much! They really deserved a memorable maternity photo shoot!

  3. Maribel de la Arada

    Precioso reportaje y Marfil está espléndida.
    Enhorabuena chicos por ese bebé, os deseamos toda la felicidad

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